Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ahipa, jicama news, and the Merino veg swap - a fun morning

Visited the second Merino veggie swap morning, they are planning to have it every month. I love veg swaps, they tend to be more social occasions than anything else. You get there early and do your swapping then spend the next hour chatting with friends and other people you meet.

I guess there were around 50 people there this morning and the weather was perfect, sunny and warm. There were lots of quinces as well as jams and I swapped my capsicums, seed packets and pumpkin for a dozen eggs, quince tarts and cupcakes.

I hope no more pop up in the neighbouring towns or I will be even more busy, I already attend the monthly one at Nareen as well. I like to support local initiatives, and these events are good networking occasions also.

This afternoon, after doing some watering, I decided to have a closer look at my ahipa and jicama plants now that they have died down.

I dug them all up and found that all three of the jicama had made small tubers around the size of golf balls, pretty good considering the size of the tiny, scrawny plants.
Two of the ahipa plants had made small tubers, one under the plant and one on a horizontal root. All the plants that had made seed pods had not made any tubers at all. I picked the seeds but most of them were not developed enough to be viable. I ended up with 11 seeds from two plants that look big and viable enough to grow which will be the foundation of my selection of ahipa that will grow here. It might seem like an awful result but when you consider the difference in climate between here and Peru, I am happy to have any seeds and tubers at all to use.

I replanted the jicama and ahipa plants with tubers in the hope that the tubers will give them a head start in the spring and they will make big plants to produce better and earlier seeds next year. Well, that is my hope. It is an interesting project anyway.
I am just sorry that I have no ahipa seeds to give to the two people that I promised seeds to :(

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  1. I have never seen a veggie swap. You folks are just ingenious. I have never gotten jicama to grow for me of those things I'd love to have. I keep thinking of starting them in pots in December.