Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wasted day, better tomorrow

My sister rang up last night in a panic because she left some important paperwork here and she needed it, so of course I said I would run it up to her. Luckily her partner said he would meet me half way so it was only a 5hour, 450km round trip instead of double that. I'm sure we looked a bit suspicious exchanging a briefcase for some money (for my petrol) on the side of the road, lol.

By the time I got home and did some watering it was too late to get into any real work so I just veged out and looked for more seeds on Ebay, as you do. I had so slap myself before I actually bought anything, oh, it is just so tempting.

I didn't get to set up my other new cloches or dig up the tender perennials to put under the other one but it will be a nice day tomorrow so I will do it then.

I have to start thinking about what I will be able to take to the Hamilton Farmers market in 11 days. I don't have much yet but I should have some mangels, carrots, beetroot and radishes. I will go to the cheap shop in Mt Gambier that sells some bagged veg and pick up a couple of 20kg bags of potatoes and onions just to bulk up the stall. I hate doing it but it will still be a couple of months before the garden is producing to full capacity again and I need to keep my site. It is quite frustrating. At least their onions and spuds are local.

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