Friday, April 26, 2013

Ready for market and another groundnut photo

After thinking about my post yesterday I remembered that I had a small pot with an American groundnut in it so this morning I went out and saw that it had already died down. I was curious so I tipped it out of the pot. The tubers are a bit on the small side but I expected that both because the poor plant has had a hard time and is in a small pot, but also because it is only a young plant.

Anyway, I was surprised at the amount of nitrogen fixing nodules it has on the roots, as a legume I would have expected some but not the amount it actually had, the roots were covered - I had pulled some off before this photo.

The nodules were still active so I put the plant back in the pot so they would break down in the soil to feed it for next year - well when I transplant it out with the soil in spring. I am wondering whether it would be a good idea to plant these around some of my other vegetables in spring to boost fertility. I can't plant them around trees because digging the tubers would damage the tree roots.

 I was busy today harvesting and preparing veggies for the Hamilton farmers market tomorrow and thought I would take a picture of the giant leaves on this seed-grown rhubarb I grew last year. It is a giant and is shading the other rhubarb plants in the same bed. I think I will have to move it to its own bed, lol. The picture does not do it justice but I couldn't get it all in the picture with my hand for size easily. You can see some 'normal' sized leaves from the other plants in the photo.

I don't really like eating rhubarb but it is popular at the market.

I don't have a lot to take to the market tomorrow but in the next couple of months as I start to harvest some of the perennial root crops I will be able to fill up my tables.

Late edit - I decided to eat one of the tubers from the groundnut. Oh boy, I will be growing as many of these as I can, it was delicious. I microwaved it with a little butter and a dab of golden syrup (Australias alternative to maple syrup) until tender. It was chewy and nutty with a starchy texture. I know that they should be thoroughly cooked for a long time because undercooked groundnuts have a reputation for making some people sick but I just had to give it a try and couldn't justify the effort in cooking such a tiny morsel for a long time. 
Can't wait till next year and bigger tubers.

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