Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Planting trees and disturbing thoughts

This morning as I hobbled across to the melon block with an aching back and chronically sore archilles tendon, I thought that if I were a buffalo or other animal I would be the first targeted by a predator. This was quite disturbing to think about, I hate aging.

Anyway... Ethan and I spent the afternoon driving in tomato stakes and protecting with plastic the nearly 50 rare and unusual fruit trees that I planted on Saturday and yesterday. I have everything from white sapotes to wampi trees as well as cherry guavas, edible hawthorns, grumichama, feijoas, ice-cream beans and many more. I have planted them a bit close together because many of them are seed grown so if I plant five of one type I will need to cull them back to the two or three best when they flower and fruit. I just can't afford to buy all grafted and named varieties. 

Many of these trees are a little frost tender when young so I am hoping that the plastic will keep them alive during the winter.

The block is big enough that I still have room for another 20 or more trees as well as a vehicle track down the centre.

Back to digging beds tomorrow.

I put grommets in one of the plastic cloches that I bought and set it up on the melon block to house my tender perennials over the winter like aracacha and yautia plants. I just don't have enough room for them at home and I don't have enough plants to try testing them outside in the winter yet. By planting them in this tunnel I will also get the chance to divide them so I will have more plants in the spring.

I'm hoping that the extra guy ropes will keep the wind from wrecking it but I could just as well hammered in tomato stakes next to the ribs instead of the guys. If they are in the way too much I think I will do just that. I will try to get some of the plants in it tomorrow.

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