Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pepinos and saffron

I finally got out to cover my pepino fruits with fruit bags to keep out the ants. I really don't know why they attack unripe fruit, they are not even as sweet as tomatoes at this stage. Last year I lost most of them until I propped some of the fruits off the ground.
Pepinos are a fruit related to tomatoes and native to South America. They taste like juicy rockmelon when ripe but as the taste can vary even on the same plant I prefer them stewed and served hot with ice cream rather than raw - though a good raw fruit is delicious.

I focused on South American fruits and veg this past year and next year it is the turn of African (sub-Saharan) fruits and veg. I got some bambara beans in the mail today and I will also be growing some cowpea varieties also in the spring. I already have a few small monkey orange and red milkwood tree seedlings growing.
After the coming year it is a toss up between native North American fruit and veg or Australian natives.

Yay, the first of my half-dozen saffron crocus bulbs popped its shoot up today. I hope the rest didn't die in the heat. I could only afford a few but they will multiply fast I hope. In a few years I will have a whole bed full.

Just adding a picture of one of my beds of 'Rainbow' Silverbeet because it looks so colourful and really brightens up the block. I hate eating it but most of my customers love it, and it looks great and healthy all year round so it pays its way. It makes me feel happy whenever I look at it so it is definitely worth growing. I love the mixture of yellow, white, red, pink and orange - and my saved seed mix keeps all the colours in a fairly even proportion without me needing to be careful with how many plants of each colour I save seeds from.

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