Monday, April 15, 2013

New cloches arrived

I had been steeling myself for the disappointment of these being very poor quality but I when I unpacked one of the plastic ones and put it together it was not as bad as I feared. I bought two plastic cloches for the winter and a mesh one to see if it would suit for shading vegetables from the hot sun in summer. Bothe the types I bought are 5m long by 1m wide by 1m high.

These come in a small carry bag

It is just like a tent, you put it up just the same. Just lay them out and screw the poles together, then thread them through the sleeves.
After you have it all together you just peg it down with the included pegs and you are good to go.

 The plastic is not a long-life sort but it should last at least a couple of years with care. It is not that really cheapo plastic that some cheap greenhouses are made of. Sort of in between.
 This is my mother standing next to the one I put up. You can see that it is a great size for veggies and fits my veggie beds well.
These are a bit prone to wind so I am going to go into the Mount tomorrow and buy grommets to put in all the 'ribs' so I can tie them down with guy ropes. These only come with guy ropes at the front and back.
 If you need to move it you don't have to take the whole thing down, just pull up the pegs and fold it together. It is light to carry and you can peg it back down in its new spot.
The mesh cloche is the same but with mesh instead of plastic. I don't think it will be as shady as I had hoped with this type of mesh. It would have been better with shadecloth. I will get out my light meter tomorrow and put it up then measure the light getting through.
Every bit will help with my oca though. I will be growing more than I can fit into the small amount of shaded area that I have next year.

Now to the downside. These cloches have no side access so you have to unpeg them and lift them up to water or weed. With the humidity that the plastic one will generate and the fact that I won't be watering under it every day in winter, this might not be much of a problem.Of course I can just water through the mesh one.

I haven't seen these advertised anywhere else and I think the business making them is fairly new so I am wondering if I would be able to sell them at markets. They are not cheap but I believe I could offer them at a better price than you would get them if Bunnings offered them. I will have to think about it.


  1. Wow! Now the mesh one would be great for keeping out pollinators,if it's not too shady. Good find. Let me know if you're going to sell them :)

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. I think that it would cost too much to send them to the US but you could buy them from the maker yourself - the link is in my last post before this one. If you buy more than two they will give a good discount off the postage and they are very easy to deal with and respond to questions quickly.
      Yes I am going to buy a couple of the taller mesh ones for keeping pollinators out of the seeding carrots. They look perfect for the job.