Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jack visited last night

Got a visit from Jack last night. I was hoping that the first frost would hold off till the end of the month but, honestly, I was expecting it any day as the nights have been getting quite cold.
It killed off the last of the volunteer melons and tomatoes that were dotted around the blocks, but left the oca, Chinese artichoke and yacon fairly unscathed which is a blessing as they need more time to form decent tubers. I was a bit annoyed that the ahipa was burnt fairly badly as I'm not sure if they have formed tubers yet, and their seed pods are not ripe. I think I will cover them to try and get the pods to ripen a bit more.

The Madagascar beans that I put in late were, surprisingly, not damaged but I won't be getting any seeds off them. Tomorrow I will mulch around them to protect the tubers and hopefully they will come up again in the spring.

Out of interest I pulled up a little water chestnut plant that never did any good and died back a couple of weeks ago. The corms were a bit on the small side and there was only 9 in all. I'm sure it was the soil that caused most of my water chestnuts to fail. I call it a good learning experience.

The bigger plants are still growing their tubers so I will wait another month or more before digging them. They are healthy so I am expecting a good harvest from them. I am looking forward to cooking and eating them fresh rather than from a can. They should taste much better.

I'm so glad I received my plastic cloche before the frosts hit. I have planted under it my aracacha, yautia, lemongrass, aloe vera and a few pots of tender things like tamarillo. I can only wait now to see if it is enough to get them through the winter.

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