Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Goodbye tomatoes, hello broad beans

I finally got round to pulling up most of my tomatoes. They have been looking so bad, and I have just been egging them on in the vain hope that the cooler weather would help them ripen a last few fruit. Alas, it is not to be and I got sick of the sight of the wretched things. There are some carrots and snow peas in their place now.

I have put in a couple of beds of broad beans as so many people asked for them last year, and I hope to have enough in my seed bed to have seed left over to sell. At the little market I went to on Sunday I was asked if I can supply some bulk seed so she could repackage it and sell on her stall at the Mt Gambier Market.
I have been toying with the idea of selling bulk seed. It is easier to grow, package and sell. I have enough room now that I can put in a few more beds just for seed so I will give it a go.

Breaking news - I got a lease on the empty block next to my melon block. The owner has no future use for it so I can have it on a long term basis. At long last I will have a place to grow my unusual fruit trees. They have been languishing in pots for a year or two waiting till I could find somewhere with a bit of permanency to plant them. I will start planting them on the weekend. It is still dry but as many are a bit frost tender I would like them to get a bit of a start before the weather gets too cold.
I have ordered a couple of protection cloches to put them under in the hope that they will save the trees from the worst of the frost. My mouth is watering at the though of my fruits ripening in a year or two.


  1. Rowan, I hope you put a few tomatoes on the counter to ripen. Maybe you should try some of those storage tomatoes next year....Piennolo de Dar Jones?

  2. Thanks for commenting. Usually my tomatoes keep going till the start of winter but all over Australia we had a terrible year for them.
    Unfortunately we have a very small selection of tomato varieties available to us as we are not allowed to import tomato seed. I might just have to research to see if we have any good storing tomatoes here.