Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First kurrajong seedlings up

Not much happening today. It has been warm so I am still watering everything once a day and seedlings are popping up everywhere - as are the weeds.

It has taken a month for germination but the first dozen of my kurrajong seedlings (Brachychiton populneus) are up. They are a native Australian tree that few people know have edible tubers when very young. I have only put in two beds at the moment to see how they go in the winter with the frosts. In about 5 months they should be ready to pull and sell for their young tubers. If they go alright I will plant a heap more beds in the spring.

With the shortening days my experimental tubs of water chestnuts are dying down. In a few weeks I will pull them and see how many corms they have made. Some of the tubs didn't grow chestnuts so I will have to experiment with soil mixes next year to see what works better. I am thinking that the failures were a lack of enough manure. And, yes, that is a Achocha plant growing through the water chestnuts.

I have already learnt that most of the information on growing water chestnuts does not work for me. In particular the plants die if  I cover the soil with more than a centimetre or two of water, where most sites tell you to have around 10cm of water.
I have lots of experiments to do next spring.

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