Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Damn parrots, and Geante Blanche mangelwurzel

Went to inspect the blocks yesterday morning and found that the parrots had beat me and stripped my sugar sorghum heads. I was going to sell the extras (after taking some for seed) as seed heads for pet birds. Damn. I managed to save enough heads to collect seed for next year though.
The birds never touched them last year so I thought I was safe. I will have to cover them next year.

I have just picked one of my bed of Geante Blanch white mangelwurzel to cook and see if it is as good as the red ones. They look great, sort of like giant white carrots. Definitely not as ugly as the red ones that I grow.
This one is small but I think it will be a good size for eating. They grow to around 4 times this size.

The market last saturday was a big flop. It rained the whole time and since I had no shelter and my stuff can't get wet I had to keep everything under the table so I couldn't sell anything. I can't wait till I have enough veggies to sell but in the meantime I think I will have to fork out for a market tent.

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