Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cavendish market tomorrow and plant protection

Tomorrow Ethan and I will be selling novelties at the Cavendish market. I would love to be selling produce but I just don't have enough yet. Cavendish is only a tiny town but are having a big car show and market this weekend so I hope there are a lot of people there.

I am hoping that my new cloches come on monday. I am keen to see what the quality is like before I commit myself to buying more. I think the mesh ones will help with the veggies next summer with the strong sunlight and heat, as well as protect young brassicas from cabbage butterfly. If the plastic ones are good enough I will buy a few for the winter to shelter some of the more tender veggies and keep them growing in the cold. Here are some pictures - 5 x 1 x 1m

If they are reasonable quality I will also buy a few of these (below) from the store to isolate some of my flowering stock like carrots so they don't cross pollinate. I will alternate days when the covers come off so the bees can pollinate one type at a time. I have more varieties of brassica and carrots that I can fit on each block and they will all flower at once. This will allow me to have up to 8 varieties flowering on my 4 blocks at once.

I know I could make my own but with the cost of poly pipe and insect mesh here it wouldn't be that much cheaper and wouldn't look as neat and tidy. 

I really hope they are reasonable quality as this store has some nice garden protection ideas.

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