Saturday, April 27, 2013

Back from the market

Went to the Hamilton Farmers market today. I didn't have much to sell but sold out of what I did take which is great, I hate having to bring stuff home. In a couple of months when things are kickin again I will be able to fill my tables up properly.

I forgot that they were having a fun giant pumpkin competition this month until a friend asked me to take her pumpkin with me as she had to stay home and nurse her sick dog who ate rat poison.

I took this picture before all the pumpkins had arrived. The largest was over 140kg. It was surprising to see any Atlantic Giants at all as it is rare to find anyone around here that goes into these sorts of comps. I wouldn't bother growing them myself but it is fun to check out what other people have grown. Maybe I will put something in next year in the weirdest fruit or veg section :)

I am sitting home waiting for my friend to come and pick up her pumpkin and the $25 prize money she won for 5th place. She was very happy when I messaged her on Facebook.

I will pop over to the Nareen veg swap tomorrow to trade a bunch of beetroot or some snake beans for a dozen eggs. I love veggie swaps, both as a networking opportunity and a social occasion. You get to catch up with local people and hear all the latest news as well as have a morning out.

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