Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A bit of rain and odds n ends

After a few showery days we have had a grand total of 24ml, close to an inch. It is not enought to generally get excited about but after so long without rain it is lovely. The lawn which has been dry and brown has sprung into life and is greening up fast - I have been spoilt by not having to mow for many months but it looks like it will be back to it in a few weeks.

I was digging a couple of new beds in the melon block and the soil is damp and I was surprised to see the worms rising already. I know it will be at least another month before we get any decent rain but this has been great for the spirit.

This morning I attended a Seasol information session at the local ag shop by the Seasol rep. I was hoping they would have some on special while he was there but it was all full price. I bought a 5ltr container of their Powergrow though for $55 and I got a free Seasol sample as well as a good quality, warm beanie - perfect for the coming winter. Anyway, I have to get out over the next couple of days and do some spraying. For those overseas people, Seasol is an Australian product that is made of seaweed and is a magic soil conditioner that feeds the soil organisms and gets plants growing well, making nutrients more accessable to plants. A little goes a long way and it is used by most Aussie gardeners.

My perennial leeks are powering away now that the cooler weather has arrived. Even though the stalks are small they sell well at the markets and taste good. The best thing about them is that they produce offsets at the base, which you can detach and replant, so you never run out.

Yesterday I was puzzled by someone who wouldn't taste one of my tomatoes because it had green on it. Because I work with older varieties I tend to forget that most people think that tomatoes should be all red. They just don't know that green shoulders are related to many of the taste genes. Green shoulders on a tomato always indicates better taste.

This is one of the reasons that supermarket tomatoes taste so bland - because they have removed the taste genes for evenly coloured fruit. A bad swap as far as I am concerned.


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    1. I'm not sure that it is available in the US. I know that they have started to export it but I don't know to which countries.

  2. I would like to grow some of these Tomatoes this year. Can I get some from you in Hamilton or somehow?

    1. Hi Daniel, I had a tough tomato season so I only collected enough seeds for myself. Sorry. You can by heritage or heirloom tomatoes on ebay or from one of the small seed companies like Eden Seeds.