Saturday, March 9, 2013

Well I did it

As I went around to deliver my boxes yesterday I gave them a choice to either cancel their boxes for the next couple of months or to accept boxes with half shop-bought vegetables in them to top them up. I just don't have enough stuff to supply everyone with their boxes. Luckily everyone was understanding and I got some who cancelled and some who wanted to continue. It will be a bit of relief until I can get more stuff growing.

It looks like next thursday will be the end of the hot weather, unless we get another hot spell after that. It has to stop sometime, doesn't it?  I am so looking forward to getting the empty beds sown. I have all the seeds and my fingers are itching to get it done. Must be patient.

I see that the water meters were read yesterday - I should know the damage for the summer next week. It hope it isn't as bad as I think. At least I have saved up enough for the bills, I think.

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