Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sore back and arms

My back is killing me after digging a heap of new veggie beds over the last three days, it will be good to have a break tomorrow by having a table at the Henty boot sale. My old back injury and herniated disc is coming back to haunt me *sigh*. Too bad there is so much digging to do in the next month to get vegetables ready for winter. I have to have the whole melon block dug so I can't really take a rest at all.

Ethan and I took down the wrecked skin of the poly house today. We have a new skin and it will go on monday as it will be a bit warmer. I cut the old skin up into usable pieces to use as cloche covers on some rows over the winter. Nice bit of recycling, what!!

I bought some edible bulbed garden flowers on ebay - Jockeys cap and Queen Fabiola. Although most garden bulbs are poisonous, there are a surprising amount that are not only edible but taste quite good. The Queen Fabiola (Triteleia laxa) is also known as native potato in the US as American Indians used to dig and eat it a lot. I did get a few young Jockeys cap plants (Tigridia pavonia) but also bought some seeds which haven't come yet. I can't wait to try them when I get enough growing.

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