Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snake beans ripening

Well, it looks like the hottest of the weather is over now but we could get some pretty warm days next week. There is no rain on the horizon but I will be glad to settle for cooler temps for now.

My snake beans are ripening. They are only getting to around 40cm which is shorter than I expected. I didn't grow enough plants to sell but I should get enough seeds to grow a good lot next year.

I picked a couple to cook and taste. I really don't like beans usually but these were quite mild in taste and totally stringless. I think I would eat then again if they appeared on my plate. They are fun to grow and are definately one that I will grow every year. I think my customers will love them.

I am finally getting some caigua (achocha) off my plants after the few cooler days we got a few weeks ago. The didn't fruit for so long because the heat stopped the male flowers from opening.

They are pretty terrible raw (the young ones) but the books say you can eat them raw but I think you would really have to be keen. They are also called 'stuffing cucumbers' and I picked some mature ones ( see picture) and stuffed them with cheese and tomato, before microwaving them in a little stock. The cheese melted out so I would use mince instead next time. Remember to take out the hard seeds before stuffing.

They tasted ok, mum liked them. I will grow them again for the novelty value, and they are a good alternative vegetable. They are one of the 'lost crops' of the incas.


  1. If you have any spare snake bean seeds Deb I'd love to grow some. They look awesome.

  2. Ok Sue, I will save some for you.