Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Poly house up and broom sorghum harvested

Mum, Ethan and I got the new skin put up on the polyhouse today (sorry forgot to get a photo) so we are ready for the winter now. We managed to put a couple of small holes in it but I bought some specialised tape to fix them off Ebay. All is good.

I harvested the broomcorn. This is the type of sorghum that is used to make (real) brooms. I grew some with the intention of selling the heads as decorator pieces of indoors but they don't really suit. It was a type of coloured one that has multi-coloured heads but I was disappointed to find that the heads only turned out in two colours - med brown and dark brown. Oh well, live and learn.

This photo shows the heads with seed on and with the seed stripped off on the right. Too bad I didn't grow enough to make a broom. I wonder if enough people would want to make brooms, even ornamental ones, that it would be worth growing it next year.

I also have a bed of sweet sorghum, the kind used to make sugar syrup from. I have chewed on the stems and they are surprisingly easy to chew for their sap. I wish I had a crushing machine so I could make some syrup. Oh well, some people like to grow the heads to use as bird feed. That is what I sold the heads for last year at the market.
The high winds we had last week caused the sweet sorghum to lodge (fall over). It looks a bit weird half fallen down but the heads are ripening and it will be ready to harvest soon, then I can take it out.

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