Friday, March 29, 2013

Pic of polyhouse and market tomorrow

Here is a picture, as promised, of the polyhouse with the new skin on. Just need to get the door back on.

I just hope this plastic is better quality and doesn't come apart at the crease like the last one. All ready for winter :)

Ethan and I are off to the Balmoral market tomorrow. I don't have any vegetables to sell so I am taking some novelties and knick knacks along. It is a fair way to go so I hope it ends up being worth it. My back is killing me so I need a break from digging and weeding. I have small local markets for the next three weeks on the weekends.
It will be a couple more months till I have enough produce to sell but I have been buying some wholesale teen jewellery and stuff to sell till the veggies start coming in.

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