Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pepita pumpkins harvested and drying

We harvested the Gleisdorfer Naked Seeded pumpkins yesterday. These pumpkins are grown for their seeds, the flesh is not great to eat. The seeds are green and have no shell on them so they can be eaten straight from the pumpkin, or more usually, dried and lightly roasted. They have a load of nutrition.

Here is Ethan holding one of the pumpkins.

Unfortunately I found that this variety has a low ratio of seeds to fruit size (although you can't tell from the one cut open here) so I will look at growing a different variety of naked seeded pumpkin next year. The picture here is of one of the smaller fruits but the bigger fruits have the same amount of seeds (about a cup or so) and are more hollow.
It is frustrating to dedicate so much room and water to large vines and get so little food off them. Each vine produced an average of 4 fruits.

Pepitas are very tasty and can be eaten as they are or added to muesli, muffins, breads, trail mix etc. The seeds we got out of the pumpkins are drying in the polyhouse but I will bring them in at night so they don't get damp as the nights are getting cool now.

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