Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm a happy chappy today

Rain, it won't last long, and it is not very heavy, but we are having rain today. YAY, it feels so good and I don't have to water this afternoon.
I picked up my new helper Ethan from the bus yesterday. He is from Taiwan and it seems that he has never touched a spade in his life, but he is willing to give it a go and that is what matters. We started a little digging today but came inside to save some seeds when it got too wet. I'm so glad to have him because now that the worst of the hot weather is over there is so much work to do.

Tomorrow we get stuck into digging new beds then sowing. It won't be long before the blocks are looking green and bountiful. Can't wait to get the snow peas and first broad bean beds in. I have a heap of new melon seedlings coming up from where the sunburnt ones were left to rot. I doubt that they will be big enough to fruit before the frosts come but I will leave the plants just to see, I can't help myself, it is hard to pull up useful plants.

Got some carrots sown in a couple of empty beds and it won't be long till they are all sown down. I am not looking forward to all the work that redigging beds in the whole melon paddock will bring but it has to be done.

Ahh, listening to the rain on the veranda roof is so uplifting.

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  1. glad you have help Deb. I got my Heirloom Gardener mag today, yay!!!!