Friday, March 1, 2013

A quick update

It always surprises me when I see how long ago it was since I last posted that time seems to go so fast. It is the start of March and I am counting every day as a day closer to some cool weather. It is going to be hot for the next week but it surly must be the last week of heat now, can't it? Please tell me I can soon sow some seeds with the expectation that they will germinate, pretty please *sigh*

We did have two cooler days as a bit of a reprieve so I spent them digging a heap of new beds where my melons have finished. I know that when the cooler weather hits I will be flat out trying to get as many seeds in as possible for the winter vegetables, I won't have time to scratch myself. I have received a half kilo of broad beans to plant next month and I need to put in a half dozen beds of snow peas as a start. I have just finished moving my potatoes - what is left of them at least, to better soil so I hope they do better this time.

I can't wait to get my celtuce in as customers at the market have been asking about them. Luckily, sort-of, the Hamilton market is cancelled this month due to Easter so I have some time to get some veggies growing. I had hoped to be producing enough to take to the Mt Gambier market but the hot weather has made that impossible.

With my melon paddock going into production I can see a huge amount of vegetables being grown this year so I will finely be able to go to more than one market a month as well as supply my veggie box customers.

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