Monday, February 11, 2013

Sandford market yesterday

I went along to the Sandford market yesterday to do some advertising of my CSA veggie box program. This is a tiny local market that I like to go to just to support the local community, I never make a profit or sell much there but it is held at the public hall and when these halls don't get used the councils sell them off. I love public halls to that is why I support it.

Anyway I did get rid of a few of my melons but it was also great to get a few more people who would like to get my vegetable boxes. I will now struggle a bit to supply all the CSA customers AND the Hamilton farmers market but with my putting my melon blocks into other veggies I will be ok in a couple of months or so.

I did think of stopping the Hamilton market stall but they do rely on me as the only produce seller and I will lose my great spot which will be a bugger later on when I am over-run with produce again. I will just have to put my back into it and grow more. Out with the melons that are not growing and are wasting water, and in with my winter veggies.

I have put a lot of seed in trays today as I am getting such a bad germination in the ground because of the hot summer. It should be much easier to get them growing if I transplant them as larger seedlings instead. We are going to get some very hot weather again over the next week so I am glad I put the seeds in trays, I have wasted so much seed so far. Lucky I produce most of my own seed.

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