Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meloned out

At this time of year when I have been picking, eating and saving seed off my melons for the past couple of months I tend to become a bit 'meloned out' and looking for a rest from them, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on my mood, many of the melons and especially the watermelons have decided to get a new lease on life and are starting to grow again ready to make a new lot of fruit. Luckily I have a long enough growing season to cope with ripening a new harvest, and it means a new flush of fruit for the veggie boxes. Can't dig them up now, lol.

I have a lot of pumpkins ripening now. Last year a researched a lot of varieties of pumpkins to find the best tasting ones to grow from around the world. I have started harvesting my pepita pumpkins 'Gleisdorfer Naked Seeded', yum, I love pepitas and these naked seeded ones have no shell on the seeds so you can eat them when dried or roasted.

The others that I have already picked are 'Luxury Pumpkin Pie' from America. I have got great feedback on the taste from my CSA customers so I will put in a heap more of them next year. Now I will soon have to pick the pastilla Shampan' pumpkins and Nth Georgia Candy Roaster' which are ripening now. The Pastilla Shampan are a bit bigger than I expected so I will have to cut them in half for my boxes.

Unfortunately, it seems that most of the best tasting pumpkins are not long keepers so I will have to plan better to have some for my customers in the winter next year.

It is very hot for the next couple of days so I have to put off planting out some of the seedlings that I have in trays that are almost ready. I have some Asian cabbage and mixed lettuce that can almost go out now. I have to put in a lot more Asian cabbage this year as it grows so well and it doesn't matter if it bolts to seed as I can then sell the budding stems as napini which is delicious and a good seller.

Just to end - even with the harsh summer and poor tomato season, the blocks are looking quite good and healthy. I just hope I can harvest enough over the next couple of months to keep everyone happy till the young stuff becomes ripe.

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