Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back from the Hamilton market

Got back not long ago from the Hamilton Farmers market. Sold out, like usual, but I came home directly afterward as it was too hot to stay in town and buy anything. I wish I had more to take and I don't know what I am going to be able to rustle up for my veggie box customers in a couple of weeks.
The're not having a market next month as it clashes with Easter.

I have so many empty beds waiting for seeds at the moment but I can't risk trying to sow them until the weather cools down and the seed will germinate. I can imagine what some of the beds will look like if the seed that I have sown and resown in them all come up when it gets cooler :)
I am hoping that this weather will only last a couple more weeks. We have had barely a drop of rain for 5 months so my water bill will be horrendous. Even if it cools down I will still be watering till around July when the rains come, I hope - fingers crossed.
I am getting so excited and impatient to get some plants up that it is almost like waiting for a holiday to the Gold Coast. I love seeing new little plants popping up in the morning when I go out to check.

I have had a lady from Japan ask to come and work and she will be coming around the middle of march - just in time for digging and weeding with the cooler weather - she will be in for a shock.I hope she speaks English well. It is hard to tell from her writing. I suppose I could ask her but it wouldn't make a difference now that I have accepted her proposal.

Tomorrow will be too hot to go to the monthly produce swap in Nareen so I think I will just stay home and veg out.

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