Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A bit of cooler weather feels so good

It is nice to get a couple of days of cooler weather before the heat hits again on thursday. It enabled me to dig another couple of beds this morning for the vegetables and harvest some more seed. I have begun digging beds on my melon block now that some of the melons have died off. The soil is so good there that I am expecting some great harvests this year and heaps to sell at the markets. At least I will have heaps to put in the CSA veggie boxes this year.

My sheep poo supplier dropped off a couple of ute loads so I am able to dig it into my empty beds and water it in. I might not be able to sow seeds at the moment because of the heat but it is giving me time to add a heap more organic stuff and improve the soil. The beds will be ready when it cools down in a couple of weeks to transplant the seedlings I have in trays to give them a great start.

Got the veggie boxes and the Hamilton farmers market this coming weekend. I won't have near enough stuff for the market but I have to attend or I will lose my great spot. In winter the wood heater behind my stall is lit  and keeps me toasty warm so I really can't afford to get moved onto another table. I will have to pull everything I have and then hope that I have something new for march.

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