Friday, December 14, 2012

Root knot nematode

After watching my carrots trying to grow for months I finely pulled them up and found that their roots had lumps on them - Root Knot Nematode. If I had any prior experience with nematodes before I would have recognised it earlier but I have never had it before.
Root knot nematodes are a bugger of a pest as they attack so many vegetable crops so it is going to take a lot of work to control it. I have been doing some research today and have found a few things I can do, but it may mean not growing carrots or other very susceptable crops for a while.

I will start off with heaping manure on all my beds as I can afford it, then planting many beds with French marigolds, and planting the marigolds among my other crops as they are planted as well. I will also concentrate on the few nematode resistant crops on D block where the trouble is. It will take some money and work but if I don't do anything I will not be able to grow many crops at all in the future.

This is such a kick in the teeth but at least I now know why some of my veggies are not doing as well as they should. After spending some time today gathering produce for the market I am very disappointed at how little I have to sell. At least The melons are growing well and I will have a heap to sell at the next market.

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