Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Putting the shed/cabin up

The new shed come cabin arrived this afternoon and Marie and myself spent three hours getting it up. It is mostly finished now with just a few screws on the outside to put in tomorrow. I have added and bed and some bedding so Marie can sleep there tonight and I will put in power tomorrow for a light and fan, maybe a tv when I can afford it. Now I have a nice place for my Wwoofers and other helpers to stay in a bit more comfort and privacy.

It is tucked behind the water tanks for privacy, which doesn't make for good photographing but you can sort of see it.

It is a nice resin shed. It had want to be nice for the price, lol. When it came I didn't think it seemed very sturdy at all but after it is up it is quite strong. It is the Apollo 8x8ft shed which is just big enough for two camp beds and a cupboard, with a bit of shelving as well. It is cosy but still big enough to move around in.

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