Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My zucchinis are flowering well now

I put in 10 zucchini plants (Variety - Golden) for my CSA and markets and they are starting to flower and I wouldn't be surprised if I even have a couple of fruits ready for the Hamilton market on the 15th. There are so many yummy recipes that you can make with them - I make a zucchini slice which I love, a couple of weeks ago and a moist zucchini cake a couple of days ago with our home plants.

We have had a couple of cold and rainy days which the plants have loved so I haven't had to water :) and I picked the first of my amaranth leaved to taste this morning. I am not one for greens but amaranth is now one of y favourite vegetables. With just a quick steam and nothing else, no salt or butter, they were delicious. They taste like asparagus/silverbeet but without the silverbeet bitterness.

I went out and planted some more seeds in a fresh bed I prepared yeasterday as I think they will go over well with my customers.

YAY, With a few phone calls and emails I am now legal to take most of my produce into South Australia. I can't wait to have enough to sell at the markets over there.
I can take most root and leafy vegetables but I can't take over anything in the onion or tomato families. Luckily melons and their relations are fine.

Here is a picture of my test bed of yacon and oca. I have planted it to see if I can get oca to grow in the blocks as I don't have enough shade area for them.

I have the yacon on the western side to shade the oca from the afternoon sun as it grows, and I will drape the shadecloth over them on hot days. I don't think it will be enough though as the oca suffered a bit on the very hot days we had a bit over a week ago. I might make a hoop over them and add a heavier shadecloth.
I want to grow more oca for the markets but I can't without shade.


  1. great to hear Deb, do you know that we are starting up the Farmer's market in Mt Gambier again? I think it starts next weekend.

  2. Thanks sue. I will be at the Hamilton market on saturday so could you find out if there will be a market over there in Jan.

  3. I'm pretty sure they will be monthly Deb. They have a facebook page, you can probably contact them there to find out dates.