Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hot days and update

The weather has been a bit hot today and yesterday so I haven't got much done besides some watering and pollinating the melons. It is good to have a rest but a bit boring, luckily I have an invitation from my sister to attend her university graduation so we will be driving early tomorrow morning and get home very late monday. We are going to Wagga which is probably around 1000 km then back. A lot of driving in two days but a bit of fun nonetheless.

My new accession of rat-tails has started bearing and the pods are a lot better than the ones I have been growing, a lot more tender. These ones came from bolivia and I will keep growing these, but I might cross them with my usual ones to get a bit more height in the plants and better production. I will have to plant some more when I get back from Wagga.

The Hamilton market is early in december so it doesn't clash with peoples Christmas celebrations. It is on next saturday and I hope I have enough produce to take. At least I will have plenty of lettuces.

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