Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wow, another november frost

This is unheard of, we had another frost this morning, a bit stronger than the one a few days ago. It burn't some of my potatoes and tomatoes but didn't seem to do much damage to the melons. My little lotus seedlings got hit hard and I hope they recover quickly.

Did some more tomato and capsicum planting today, I am hoping they will grow a bit better now that they are in the ground. Can't wait to start harvesting some of the new varieties that I have planted this year. I got a mixed seed lot of a variety of heritage types and also planted some seeds of Hillbilly which I like and had seeds left over from last year.

My licorice plants are starting to move now. I think I have to start harvesting the roots next year. I will have to do some research I think.

I haven't heard of anyone I know growing licorice but it seems like such an interesting plant that I thought I should give it a go. The roots seem to have a lot of health benefits but you shouldn't eat too much.
I thought I had lost them as they took so long shooting after the winter but they are looking healthy now. I haven't given any thought to selling the roots but I supose I should look into how I will do that and if the roots will sell at all. It might appeal to people who make sweets and stuff, but I've heard that it also helps people stop smoking if they chew on the roots.

It seems easy to grow but I planted my licorice plants on D block because I have doubts about the plants ability to cope with winter waterlogging.

That's all the news I have today I think.

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