Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why can't they make a good garden hoe?

Went to town today to buy a few things for the garden - hoses, hose joiners, soilwetter and a hoe. All the hoes they had in Bunnings were so light I doubt you can get a weed out with them. I ended up buying a small pick/mattock head and a handle to put it on. It is cast iron and weighty enough to do some good work. Will put it together tomorrow and see how it goes.

This afternoon I planted out some more American ground nuts into their bed. We don't have any choice in varieties in Australia so I can only hope that these ones produce good tubers. I have been reading great things about this plant so I can wait to taste them in the winter. I have 8 plants so I won't have any tubers to sell but I think they will build up quickly. I think this perennial legumous plant would be a great permiculture plant.

Here is a bit more about them:

American ground nuts (Apios americana) is a willowy vine that produces small, starchy tubers in the autumn/winter. They used to be a staple in the diets of American indians. It is pretty high in protein and very easy to grow.

The tubers take a couple of years to gain a good size but they can be nibbled after one year. They are usually fried, roasted with maple syrup or boiled, with a nutty taste in some descriptions, or tasting like potatoes in others. Aparantly the skin comes off easy after cooking so the tedious task of peeling them is not so bad.

The only down side to these tubers is that there are rumours that some people get sick after eating them, not the first time but after more meals of them, as if they had to build up a certain level of some chemical that they contain before reacting. I will find out about this next year I think.

Other than planting the ground nuts and going to the Mount I didn't get much done today. I hear a bit of rain on the roof and am happy.

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