Monday, November 5, 2012

Root crops taking off

With the warmer weather my Andean and Chinese root crops are really taking off.

The yacon and chinese artichokes are bigger than they were at the same time last year but the oca is a bit slower. The maca just won't die. I just can't prepare or cook the maca in any way that gets rid of the bitterness so I won't grow any more. I keep thinking my little row will die when they die down with the warmer weather but it keep popping back up in the autumn. Lucky it doesn't flower here or I might have seedlings everywhere, at least that would give me incentive to throw them out, lol.

The new chinese yams are just starting to lengthen. They have been a bit slow and won't be ready to dig for a couple of years but I am looking forward to that. I have them in raised beds so it will be easier to dig the long roots.

When I was taking the Chinese artichokes and oca out of their pots in the winter to replant I must have reused the soil (I store them in damp soil in pots till I am ready to plant them) and I have them coming up in heaps of my potted plants. That is going to be a nuisance later so I will go out tomorrow and try to get them out. The Chinese artichoke can be such a weed that I am annoyed at myself for letting this happen.

After doing some fertilising I have finelly found a way of killing off the Chinese artichokes that get out of hand, just give them too much fertiliser. It might not totally kill them though but it certainly killed off the tops of a few. I will keep an eye on them.

Other happenings - I just planted another bed of salsify. I wanted to put in some scorzonera but I didn't have any seed and the ones in the ground are not showing any sign of flowering - so I had to get on ebay and buy some more seed. Damn Ebay, it is so addictive. At least I was able to control myself today, lol.

Anyway, after some serious begging I managed to get one load of manure yesterday so I spent this morning spreading it on my beds. I am worried that I won't get any more in time to do the other beds before the soil starts to dry out. Well, I can't do much about it, he is so busy that I was lucky to get even one load. Gee, things grow well in it, and the worms love it.

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