Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pulling up the salsify

I have gathered more than enough seed from my flowering salsify so I pulled up the plants today. The last thing I need is for them to be self-seeding all through the beds, I get that enough with the carrots, lol. I found that the plants with a single stem had the best roots - in other words, the more forked the plant the more forked the roots. This gives me a plan to choose the best plants to gather seed from next time.
I realised that I planted my new bed of salsify at teh wrong time of the year, they are supposed to go in at autumn. Oh well, they are germinating strongly so I will leave them alone and see how they go.

Apart from the never ending weeding, today I decided to pull up the beds of onions that didn't grow well enough as I saw that a few had started putting up flower stems. I have decided not to grow any more onions as I can rarely get them growing well, and the heirloom ones are not so good that customers will pay more for them than in the supermarket. They take so long to mature as well. They are just not worth it.

I will concentrate on shorter rotation vegetables that will actually pay for themselves. I put in a couple more small beds of snow peas, at least these sell well, as well as fertilising the beds. On a side note, I grew a row of parsnips in the same bed as snow peas and they are turning out better than I have ever grown them. By that I mean they are straighter and faster. I would have thought that the extra nitrogen would have made them fork more but it is the opposite. Just goes to show that you have to question conventional wisdom and do your own experimenting.
The snow peas did almost smother them but they grew up through them. I think I will grow them together more often now. I will take a picture of these parsnips at the end of the month when I pull them for the market.

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