Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No phone or internet, damn

Well it has been a week since the fire in the phone exchange that put out all the phone and internet services in the whole western district of Victoria. I have just come over the border to South Australia to check my emails and get me internet fix. They say it could be another two weeks before it is on again.

Two nights ago we had a huge storm that thundered for about 5 hours and left us with a bonus of an inch of rain. To take advantage of it yesterday I bought in two large bales of pea straw and a couple of trailer loads of old horse manure to put on all the beds to keep the moisture in.
I'm glad the storm caem with rain as a week ago we had another small but dry storm that left us with some bad bushfires from lightening strikes. Luckily the fires didn't get into any farm land od come too close to town.

I am sore from spreading out the straw and manure all yesterday and will be back at it again this afternoon. I have to get it done today as we are in for a heat wave of 40 degrees C for the next few days. I hate the heat.

Anyway, my time on this public computer is up so I will post again when we have internet again at home.

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