Sunday, November 11, 2012

Late, late frost but no damage

Saturday morning I woke up to a light frost on the ground, never had one this late before. Anyway, I was quite worried about all my tomatoes, melons and other frost tender plants. Luckily there has just been a few tips burnt off and no serious damage.

Today was warm and I got my watering done early so I got stuck into some paperwork and computer work. A bit of a lazy day but you have to have one of those occasionally. So much work to do, but I just thought it is sunday so, stuff it. It will still be there tomorrow. Trouble is a girl is coming over tomorrow on the bus to learn a bit about trekking with donkeys so I will be out camping with her and my Chak for a couple of days. The lawn will have to wait I guess.

Nothing much else to report today, got some tomatoes planted, a couple of posts put in as supports for my American ground nuts and some more lettuces in yesterday, that is about all.

I will take some pics and make a longer post in a couple of days.

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