Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Feels like summer already

Our first hot day for the season today. I didn't check but I guess it was over 30. I can't wait any longer for my mulch/manure supplier to arrive so I will put an ad for manure or rotten straw in the paper next week as well as Facebook. The ground is drying out fast and I need to get some organic matter on it.

A week or two ago I was posting about how I am letting my maca plants die off as they are awful to eat and won't flower - now a couple have decided to put out flower buds. I don't know if they are self-fertile but if they are I will have to decide whether to keep the seeds or not, hmmm, might as well.

The Hamilton market is this coming saturday and it loks like I might have some stuff to take, I will have bigger harvests every month from now on. I have a bed of beautiful, all colours of lettuces and I hope they go well. I just love looking at them as I water. They are all colours and leaf shapes.

I love lettuce, especially the different colours as they look so good on a plate. The spotty ones are so pretty. They have to be crunchy and sweet for me, I don't grow any with any bitterness as I don't like them but I am thinking of putting in some chickory and more celtuce for those who do like bitter vegetables. My new bed of celtuce didn't germinate so I am waiting for my flowering ones to set seed. It will be a while yet.
The celtuce went over so well at the market I took them too that I think I will offer it on a regular basis, once I get some seeds.

For those who don't know, celtuce is a type of lettuce grown for it's thick, juicy stems ratehr than the leaves which are a bit coarse. Even though it is thought of a 'bitter' vegetable, I don't find it very bitter. It has a very unusual taste that becomes quite addictive. The taste is hard to describe.
To use, you just peel the stems and chop into pieces before cooking or eating raw. I like it microwaved and eaten with dip ut when I get a few more growing I will do some cooking and make up some recipes for my customers.

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