Friday, November 16, 2012

Damn starlings and orchard workshop weekend

I had babied my purple asparagus seeds till I got 8 little seedlings. A couple of days ago I planted them out into pots. Went out this morning and found that the starlings had pulled them all up and stolen them, probably for some nest building. I am so angry but I will have to buy some more seeds now. I am used to them pulling up my plant tags and leaving them everywhere but this is a new low. Oh well, nothing I can do now. Pity as they were so much slower to grow than my 'normal' varietey - which the starlings left alone of course.  *sigh*.

There is an orchard workshop happening in Coleraine tomorrow and sunday. I will go along to check it out and stay overnight in my van to save on petrol. I hope it is worth it. Aparantly we are learning about growing and looking after fruit trees tomorrow and doing some preserving on sunday. Should be fun.
I will let you know in a new post on sunday night.

Today I was busy doing some chipping (weeding with a hoe) and collecting snow pea seeds to resow. I also did a heap of watering as I won't be home for two days but I don't think it will be very hot. But you have to be careful just in case.

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