Friday, November 9, 2012

Check out my glorious lettuces and stuff

This cooler weather means that I can put off watering for another week or two, thankfully. It also means that the plants are not getting any water or heat stress so they are growing marvolously. My globe artichokes are three metres tall this year so I have to bend over the stems to reach them to pick. I had to stand back to take a picture of these, I have never grown them so big.

I have stumbled onto a fantastic mix of letuces called 'Franks crispy mix'. They come in so many colours and types that I can stand around all day just looking at them. My customers love them and I have just ordered a couple more packets to put in.

There are red, green, yellow, frilly, speckled and more. I bought the seeds from as well as other interesting varieties of veggies that they come up with. You have to check in often as their varieties chop and change a bit.

Here is a picture of my little row of sugar beet that is flowering for the third time. The roots are so wrecked and split now that I think this is the last flowering. They have done so well.

My tomatoes and capsicums are not doing so well. I planted a heap out today even though they are still only a few cm tall just to see if getting them in the ground will get them growing better.

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