Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bit of rain, bit of cold,and alpine strawberries

Spent most of the day inside, wasting my time on Stumble. The day was too yukky to do anything but check on my melons and sow some snake been seeds. It wasn't particularly cold and wet (only 8ml of rain) but I needed a break and didn't feel like going out and working in it.

I applied to become a Wwoof host any they will be finalising my application in a couple of weeks. Apparantly they are busy getting the latest Wwoofer book printed so I just missed out. It will be good to have a bit of help around the place occassionally, and have people to teach if they want. Looking forward to it.

Edible plant of the day is Alpine Strawberries.

These are cute strawberry plants that love to live in shaded areas, where not a lot of other foods grow. I have some in the shadehouse and a few in the shade of some tall growing sorghum plants.

They grow into clumping plants that don't produce runners which keeps them in check. They spread a bit from self-seeding but are not a bother. The tiny fruits are delicious, especially the white varieties. Kids have a ball picking the fruits and very few make it into the house, though I hear they make the mos delectable jam.

Another great thing about these wonderful plants is that they bear fruit for most of the year. As long as you keep them shaded and moist, they will delight you all year round. I love checking for ripe fruits as I wander through the garden.

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  1. we love ours too Deb and none ever make it to the house.