Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's in the box this time

With a couple of nasty, cold and wet days I haven't got much done so I went into town, and of course that is where the temptation is. I bought a new pull cart to gather my harvest with as well as some seed and plants. Also got to spend some time with friends. It was a nice rest but I will be back to work soon as the weather begins to warm. The days have started to warm up but the nights are still very cold.

It is a really bad month with everything that came over the winter gone to seed and the new stuff still way off harvesting. The boxes will be a bit bare but what I do have to harvest is:

Silver beet
Snow peas

I might be able to throw in a few oranges bought from elsewhere just for something different as well.

I have gone around and counted the species and varieties of cucurbits that I have got in this year. I have 51 melons, 7 gourds, 5 cucumbers and 11 pumpkins and squash. It is going to keep me very busy when they start flowering as I have to hand pollinate for seed keeping.

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