Friday, October 5, 2012

Starting to come together

Well all my melons and pumpkins are in and I am even starting to get on top of the weeds a bit. It is amazing what a few nice days and starting work at 6am will achieve. There are going to be a few very cold nights over the next week so I won't ecpect my cucurbit seeds to start coming up for at least ten days. I do have some achocha seeds up though that I grew in a pot in the hothouse. These are another new vegetable that I will be trying out.

Put in some more rat-tail radish seeds this morning as they went so well at the market. Also planted a few lettuces and gathered some dwarf bok choi seeds. My lists are getting done each day which makes me very happy. I must get some more snow pea seeds tomorrow.

Got the Coleraine market on Sunday and I will take some potted plants along.

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