Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seeds and dirt, never ends

Sowed a heap of new seeds in the beds today. I really wanted to wait for the manure to arrive but the seeds have to go in as well. I was expecting the sheep poo to arrive last week and if it doesn't come soon I will have to chase it up. Some of the beds are drying out badly now with the warmer weather and really need the mulch.

The seedling tomatoes are coming along sooooo slowly. They have had a bit of foliar fertiliser but they still don't want to grow. I am very impatient to get them in the ground. Their beds are waiting and looking very bare, I am itching to get them planted - I hate the look of bare beds.

The melons and pumpkins up popping up everywhere now and I can see where I will have to replant because of the snails. I always get so excited this time of year when I thing of the harvest.

Here is what two of the blocks look like right now. Part of the back block is on the left and D block on the right. They look a bit bare with all the spring seedlings still so little. Will take pics of the other blocks soon.

The Hamilton market is on Saturday and I just hope I have enough stuff to make the stall even a little bit interesting. I think I will have to take some plants as well as produce.

In the CSA boxes for friday I should have some onions, perennial leeks, mangel wurzel, oranges, lettuce, cabbage and dwarf bok choy.

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