Saturday, October 20, 2012

More wildlife in the beds

Got out to block D this morning and found a couple of baby bunnies in there under the cabbages. They were obviously a cross between a wild rabbit and an escaped pet dwarf, very cute but I really can't have rabbits in among my veggies.

I caught them and took them to a neighbours yard where they have lots of long grass, no vegetables and no dog. Yeah I know, they will be a future problem but I just can't bring myself to kill things by hand any more. I can't even stomp on snails and have to use traps and bait.

My melons and pumpkins are popping up and being eaten off so I had to go to the shop to get some snail bait. I prefer to use Multiguard because it is non-toxic to the soil and other animals but no-one here in town sell it so I had to get a toxic one. I will pick up some Multiguard later when I get over to Hamilton or the Mount.
Anyway... I put some bait around all my melons and pumpkins last night and this morning I got a shock at just how many snails and slags are about. I got a good kill but I am worried about how many plants have been eaten. I'm glad I planted some extras in tubes just in case as I think I will have to do a lot of replacing.

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