Thursday, October 18, 2012

Melons and pumpkins germinating

I went away to visit my sisters in Murray Bridge for a few days before it got to hot to leave the veggies and when I got back a couple of hours ago I was happy to see that some of my pumpkins and melons have started germinating. The cold nights lately delayed the germination which is why it has taken nearly three weeks for them to come up.

I expect that the warm weather over the next few days will start them all going. Now I just have to save as many as I can from the snails and blackbirds, sigh.

I think I have all my summer vegetables planned out and just waiting for the tomatoes and capsicums to get a bit bigger to plant them out to their places in the blocks.

I have decided that nearly all my potatoes were drowned and rotted in the wet and I have lost them all, luckily I kept a tuber or two from each variety and planted them in my D block down the back. I won't be able to put any in the CSA boxes before christmas but at least I can start again from scratch. I was so looking forward to offering unusual potatoes to my customers.

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