Sunday, October 7, 2012

Markets, soil and other odd bits

I went to the local small market in Coleraine today. There wasn't many people about but I still sold a few plants, at least I didn't make a loss after my costs. I met a couple of lovely people there who were very interested in growing unusual food plants so I am very happy with that.

On another note, I am very happy with the way my soil has improved over the past 6 months to a year, especially where I have added my sheep poo and straw mix. There are heaps of worms and other soil organisms and plants are doing noticably better. After turning over a few beds ready for replanting I have noticed that they have turned from sand to loamy sand. If I can continue to improve it one step each year I will be ecstatic. In another year I hope it has turned to sandy loam, then later to loam. I have ordered another $100 of the poo/straw mix which should be delivered in the next week.

My rat-tail radish seed pods maturing so I can harvest seeds.

I will be sowing some grain amaranth seed tomorrow and think of something to put in the other empty beds. I am lucky I didn't sow my melon seeds any earlier as they would then be starting to pop up now, and I hear that there will be a few frosts this week. I hope it doesn't damage the seeds.

Spent a bit of time on Ebay yesterday (slaps own hand) I bought some more seeds and a vanilla lily. I overwatered my ahippa and jicama seeds in the cold so they rotted. I have just bought some more. My achacha seedlings are waiting impatiently to go into the ground but I can't put them out now until these frosts are over.

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