Monday, October 22, 2012

Damn red-legged earth mites again

Yes, I know I should have expected them, they come to decimate the seedlings every year at this time, but I always forget in the hope that if I don't think about them they will not appear this year.

Luckily I saw the dreaded red-legged earth mite on my melon seedlings quickly this year. They can destroy any small plants within a couple of days, and I didn't see any yesterday. I immediately got out the spray and fixed the problem. I hate to use a miticide but there is no organic way of getting rid of them otherwise except for getting rid of their main host plant - clover. Even getting rid of the clover only cuts their numbers in half, still enough to kill every seedling.

At least I only have to do one spray usually to be rid of them for the rest of the year.

Other news - I went to the Casterton garden club today. After the meeting we went to look at two members gardens in Henty. They were beautiful, and weed free, putting my efforts to shame.

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