Monday, October 29, 2012

Close to organic, and Coloured carrots

I was digging some new beds where my potatoes got wet this winter and rotted away :(    and realised that my back block did not have to be treated for snails or red-legged earth mite this year, and I am almost on top of the grass and weeds, well enough that I can cope with weeding it by hand at any rate. It has had its last spray of round up and I don't need to add any more chemicals to it, hopefully ever. If I continue with no chemicals I can officially mark it 'Organic' in 5 years. I won't get certified though as it costs too much and I don't want to add to the cost of my vegetables to my customers.

It feels good to have one of my blocks chemical free and clean, and I hope my D block will be at this stage as well in a few months *claps*.

Anyway, to my vegetable of the day, carrots, particularly coloured carrots.


People are so used to orange carrots in the shops that they don't realise that they come in many colours. I grow red, orange, yellow, purple and white carrots which people love at the markets. In fact orange carrots are relatively new on the market, they were originally purple where they were first grown in the middle east.

All the colours taste similar but the white ones are very mild, great for children and eating raw. Coloured carrots look great in a salad and contain heaps of antioxidents and nutrients from the chemicals which cause the different colours.

Carrots are easy to grow, especially if your soil is light and sandy. You have to remember to sow the carrot seed very shallowly and keep them moist till they germinate.

Carrots can be cooked in a huge number of recipes from salads to cakes and you can find thousands of recipes for them with a quick search on the net.

To find out just about everything there is is to know about carrots I recommend this website:  The make of this site has done a great job and I go there often for a look.

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