Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spring weather and exhaustion

With the beautiful weather I was up and out early at 7am to start digging beds and weeding. Now I have about 7 beds ready but not many seeds to put in. It is another 2 weeks till the last of the heavy frosts but we usually get a couple of light ones in october. I am itching to get in my tomatoes, melons and pumpkins. I dug a heap of holes for them and filled them with old rotted manure to start.

I keep flicking through my seed packets, just waiting to get them in. I have so many types of everything for this season that my CSA and market customers will be amazed.

Lucky it is the end of the cold weather as the polyhouse plastic is on its last legs, it is torn in so many places. I will get new plastic in a few months to replace it. I am disappointed at the quality of this lot as it has split at all the seams.

A couple of days ago I harvested my first celtuce. I have never grown it before. I ate some raw and cooked some just to see if it was worth keeping as a crop and putting more in. It was a lot less bitter than I had come to believe and had quite a pleasant taste, especially raw, with just a hint of bitterness but not overpowering. This says a lot to someone like me who hates anything bitter. I think I will continue to put some in, even if it is just to have something different to sell.
I wouldn't say it is worth it in time to reward ratio because it is a nuisance to prepare but it is interesting.

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