Friday, September 7, 2012

Miserable weather

After another couple of days of rain and cold my poor plants are looking terribel. Many of them have been sitting in a swamp for weeks and they are starting to rot. The rat-tails have blown over (but luckily I think they will keep on bearing), the carrots are rotting, and the rocket is dying. I am really looking forward to a bit of dry weather now, sigh.

I should have enough snow peas and rat-tails to give as a treat for the veggie boxes which will give my customers a bit of a rest from the carrots and napini they must be getting sick of now. I will also be able to give them a bit of celery (the only plant loving all the wet) and silverbeet. most of everything has bolted to seed with the couple of nice days we had a while ago.

Been busy planting seeds in trays, taking cuttings and dividing mints to sell through the nursery website. My bank ballance is in trouble again with my Ebay buying, can't help it - maybe I should join Ebay Anonymous, lol. Ahhh, spring.

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