Saturday, September 29, 2012

Good news and bad

Took my produce to the Hamilton Farmers Market again today and sold out before 10am again. Not too surprising since I didn't have a lot but it was good just the same. I loved the way people were quick to try and buy my more unusual stuff. I took rat-tail radish pods and celtuce and had some tastings of them. They were quickly bought up.

If this goes on I will have to have an assistant to help with the selling. it is really hard to keep up when customers five deep are all trying to hand you money so they don't miss out on what they want. In a few months when my beds are really producing it will be hectic at the market.

Now the bad news... while I was at the market we got some strong wind here, as we do in spring, but it totally destroyed the poor polyhouse that was already feeling a bit worse for wear. It was not really surprising but I wish it had held on a couple of weeks longer. Oh well, time to get a new plastic skin.

I hope we don't get any frosts from now on (a bit optimistic I know) or I might lose all the tender seedlings I have in there. I have a couple of naranjilla seedlings that have been trying to die on me for months. I have been coaxing them along but a bit of cold might push them over.

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